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How will the Dems & GOP share power after this election?
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How much does something have to change in order for it to be different than what it was?

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Harry Selfridge
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Wednesday, 03 April 2013
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harry Gordon Selfridge, Sr.
Harry Gordon Selfridge circa 1910.jpg
Harry Gordon Selfridge circa 1910
Born11 January 1856
Ripon, Wisconsin
Died8 May 1947 (aged 91)
Resting placeSt Mark's Churchyard, Highcliffe
Spouse(s)Rosalie Buckingham
ChildrenHarry Gordon Selfridge, Jr.
Rosalie Selfridge (later Wiasemsky)
Beatrice Selfridge
Violette Selfridge
ParentsRobert Oliver Selfridge
Lois Selfridge

Harry Gordon Selfridge, Sr. (11 January 1856 – 8 May 1947) was an American-born British retail magnate, who founded the London-based department store Selfridges. His 30-year leadership of Selfridges led to him becoming one of the most respected and wealthy retail magnates in the United Kingdom. His property portfolio included Highcliffe Castle inDorset.

Born in Ripon, Wisconsin, Selfridge began to contribute to the family income by delivering newspapers and left school at 14 when he found work at a bank in Jackson, Michigan. Selfridge soon left and worked in a series of menial jobs which included bookkeeping and a position within an insurance company. Selfridge then sought a position at Marshall Field inChicago, where he stayed for the next 25 years, becoming a partner in the business; it was while working at Marshall Field that he originated the phrase "Only _____ Shopping Days Until Christmas". In 1890 he married Rose Buckingham of the prominent Chicago Buckingham family.

Selfridge travelled to England in 1906 and invested £400,000 in his own department store in what was then the unfashionable western end of Oxford Street. The new store opened to the public on 15 March 1909 and Selfridge remained chairman until 1941 when he retired. In later life, Selfridge watched his personal fortune rapidly decline due, in part, to the Great Depression. It finally disappeared—a situation not helped by his continuous free-spending ways. In 1941, he left Selfridges and moved from his lavish home and travelled around London by bus.

He died in 1947, in Putney, London, aged 91 and was buried in St Mark's Churchyard at Highcliffe, Dorset.

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 April 2013 )
Coelacanth Poetry
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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Consider now the Coelacanth,
Our only living fossil,
Persistent as the amaranth,
And status quo apostle.
It jeers at fish unfossilized
As intellectual snobs elite;
Old Coelacanth, so unrevised
It doesn’t know it’s obsolete.


--Ogden Nash

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Kinder & Gentler?
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Friday, 01 March 2013

What's with this kinder and gentler GOP?

First,  75 prominent Republican sign an amicus brief to the Supreme Court supporting Marriage Equality, now the pass the Violence Against Women Act.

Have they finally given up on all of their loser social positions?  I doubt it, but it's a nice first step. 

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